Ganesh Immersion Photos 2013, Khairatabad Vinayaka Nimajjanam 2013 Photos

Ganesh Idol Immersion 2013 Photos at Hyderabad

In Hyderabad, around 60,000 idols would be immersed at 22 water bodies on Sept 18th 2013. As the majority of these idols would be brought to Hussainsagar, Tank Bund, police and civic authorities have arranged cranes at different locations on the lake. Police of both the commissionerates have deployed 151 cranes, including 91 mobile ones, to lift and immerse the idols in water bodies. To prevent any untoward incidents, police have deployed over 22,000 personnel, including law and order, traffic, Special Branch, Task Force, City Security Wing personnel, 175 platoons of APSP and CAR personnel.

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Photo Courtesy : Eenadu

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